WLF Available Puppies


Our Australian Labradoodle, WLF Piper.  Piper has extensive health testing and earned the Australian Labradoodle Association of America Breeder’s Silver Paw. 

She is exactly what you’d expect from an Australian Labradoodle; sweet, gentle, comical, and very intuitive. She is a gorgeous standard with a rich chocolate soft wavy fleece coat.  Her parents and siblings are therapy dogs.

Beethoven is chocolate and white parti, standard Labradoodle with soft wavy fleece coat.  He has a nice stocky build, blocky head and wonderful markings.  Beethoven is a proven stud and has sired several service dogs and therapy dogs.  Beethoven has passed extensive health testing. 

Thank you Meadow Park Labradoodles for this wonderful stud!

Photo from Piper’s ultrasound on 5/12/14, seven puppies! Puppies should arrive around June 15,th 2014.  These puppies will be standard puppies.  All will surely have soft wavy fleece coats like their parents.  Most will be solid chocolate with a few having a stray white mark. They will be suited to therapy, service, and lovable family pets. We are taking one more reservation for this litter.

2014 Puppies have all found their forever homes!

See below for pictures of all eight.